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Experience the Courtice Musical Journey

Become a musician through professional lessons

We Create Music Together

At Courtice Music we care about each individual and crafting both private and group lessons to suite their level and age.


Our lessons will keep you and your child engaged. Our instructors are trained. Our programs will help you and your child progress in your instrument while always having fun.

Lessons With an Array of Instruments

We offer lessons in a variety of instruments including Piano; Vocal and Guitar as well as Bass and Clarinet. 

Our teaching techniques include: sight-reading, theory, fundamentals of music rudiments and teaching all styles of music to adults and kids ages 5-12 years old. . All of our teachers have patience and are caring individuals.

Many studies have been completed outlining the benefits of music. Learning music impacts positively across most aspects of a child’s development and there are established links between learning music and improved academic and social outcomes in children.

Listen to Our Students

“My daughter looks forward to her lessons with Courtice every week. ”


“My kids cannot put down their instruments they are practicing all the time. Thanks so much”


“The lessons are so convienent and fun for my kids”

Parent of 2

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